Pump room monitoring
Price list:
$2,820.00 DLLS + Taxes
  • Pump room supervision
  • Pressure measurement, temperature and more
  • Programming not required
  • Capacity for 3 main and 1 secondary controller
  • Interactive maintenance button
  • 24-Hour backup system
Alarm panel monitoring
List price:
$1,600.00 DLLS + Taxes
  • Alarm panel supervision
  • 24-hour backup system
  • Alert notifications with its respective label
  • Monitoring a problem with a detection device
  • Classify the alert according to the type of event: alarm, trouble, supervisory, security
Price list:
$500.00 DLLS + Taxes
  • Real-time notifications
  • History availability
  • Access to mobile and web application to check the status of your system
  • Required to continue your monitoring service
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