GC-Track App is available on Google Play and Apple App Store, or vía GC-Track Supervising Center WebApp on facilities networks.

Real Time Monitoring

GC-Track Fire Monitoring System supervises your Fire Pump Controllers, Pump Room Conditions and Fire Alarm Panel data and analizes it in order to notify you on any relevant event immediately.

Monitoring Network

GC-Track Fire Monitoring System allows you to create a monitoring team with as many users as you need. Create a monitoring network of fire pump systems from all of your facilities.

Cloud Based

Never lose any data since our service is running on the internet. GC-Track Fire Monitoring System sends data over a mobile internet access using global GSM services.

Data Logs & Reports

With GC-Track App you can share reports on any collected data. Create reports on PDF and send them easily.

Universal Plug & Play

GC-Track Fire Monitoring System can retrieve information from any brand and model of fire pump controller and fire alarm panel.

Fire Inspection System

Create digital Maintenance, Testing, Inspection and Performance reports based on the latest version of NFPA-25 and share them easily. NFPA-25

Fire Alarm Panel

In case of an activation of any initiating device (manual station, smoke detector, etc.) GC-Track notifies you instantly, even if someone silenced your alarm panel.

  • Problem with some detection device.
  • Activation of a manual station, smoke detector, UV, temperature, gases, spark, etc.
  • Problem detection on batteries of your alarm panel.
  • Alert notification with respective label.
  • Local network not needed.
  • Hourly backup system.
  • Maintenance mode to avoid false alarms.
  • Classify the alert according to the type of event: alarm, trouble, supervisory, security.

Fire Pump Room

It helps you to know the current status of your fire pumps, system pressure, water levels and diesel.

  • System pressure
  • Activation of main fire pumps.
  • Activations during maintenance routines.
  • Change to non-automatic mode in your controller.
  • Low fuel levels in diesel engine pumps.
  • Phase inversion in pumps with electric motor.
  • Atypical ignitions in auxiliary pumps (Jockey Pump).
  • Water level in tank.
  • Low pressure and no ignition on pumps.

GC-Track App Overview

If an event takes place GC-Track Fire Monitoring System automatically sends a notification to the connected users. No third-parties, no human error. You will get exactly what is happening directly to your smartphone.